Interviewees in alphabetical order:


Bill is a professor at Syracuse University and an outspoken disability rights activist.  Bill has 4 videos:

  • Bill’s Story
  • Disability Culture, Identity and Pride
  • Accessibility, Discrimination and Societal Attitudes
  • Disenfranchisement, Loneliness and Activism


Claire is the mother of Sophie, a young woman who has multiple severe disabilities after experiencing a stroke at the age of 6.  Claire has 2 videos:

  • Parenting a child with severe disabilities
  • A call to action for parents


Christine is a mental health nurse and also parent to micro-preemie twins, born at 24 weeks. Christine has 4 videos:

  • Christine’s premature delivery and her twin girls’ early months
  • Christine discusses coming to terms with a new reality
  • Christine discusses the challenges of finding appropriate care
  • Christine presents an idea for peer based mental health support


Cynthia discusses managing palliative care for her mother, who decided she wanted to die at home. Cynthia has 1 video.


Donna is a disability activist, author, consultant and writer. She has an adult son with severe disabilities. Donna has 3 videos:

  • Donna describes her son Nicholas
  • Donna on the role of the parent
  • Donna on the bigger picture


Jane faced difficult decisions in an emergency situation with her son, and felt she did not have enough information. Jane has 1 video.


Marjorie Richards is a professional caregiver.  She also had a brother who had acquired significant disabilities at the age of 3, and who died at 19 due to negligent care in a respite facility.  Marjorie has 3 videos:

  • Working as a professional caregiver
  • Observations on family dynamics, parenting and navigating relationships
  • Moving forward: disability, death and acceptance

“Single Dad”

“Single Dad” is a father to two severely disabled young adults – one who lives at home and one who lives in a residential facility. Single Dad has 3 videos:

  • SD’s Family
  • Life as a Single Father
  • “The Incident”