christine-thumbChristine Kluczynski is a mental health nurse and is the mother of Maja and Alexis, micro-preemie twins born at 24 weeks. They are now 17 months (corrected age). In these videos Christine generously shares her experiences. She also discusses an idea for a pilot project – community, peer-based support with a mental health focus. In her experience, there is just not enough support for bewildered families with children with complex care needs to figure out the transition home and into their new lives. To read more about Christine and her family, you can visit her blog.

Christine’s premature delivery and her twin girls’ early months

00:08 describes her premature labour
03:46 describes early delivery of her twins
06:12 shares how she spent her labour and delivery alone
06:56 shares developmental update regarding both twins

Christine discusses coming to terms with a new reality

00:07 discusses living with uncertainty and the difficulty of home life
04:36 expresses concern about her girls’ development and future education
07:04 worries about how the world perceives her and her daughters
09:22 talks about building social connections and the tendency to compare children
10:33 responds to a question about the value of mentoring by much older parents
11:52 describes early months as a constant state of crisis
12:40 discusses the stresses of being in public with her daughters
13:42 candidly discusses her mental health in relation to her experiences

Christine discusses the challenges of finding appropriate care

00:08 describes the difficulties finding appropriate care for her daughters
03:02 shares how she relies on family to help
03:33 contemplates ideal qualifications for a care provider
04:09 discusses how the ‘system’ expects families to make do

Christine presents an idea for peer-based mental health support

00:08 discusses the need for good peer-based mental health support
01:46 considers who might benefit from additional mental health support
03:33 discusses implementation ideas for a potential pilot project
06:42 describes the difficult transition from hospital to home
08:25 discusses her own motivations and interests
08:53 considers the benefits of increased mental health supports for parents
11:30 shares how easy it is to overlook a parent’s mental health struggles
12:10 considers how she might have benefited from the type of program she is proposing
13:51 responds to a question about her experience and qualifications

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