marjorieMarjorie Richards is a professional caregiver and runs a small respite agency in Toronto, Running with the Kidz. She offers a perspective which is not often heard – the voice of an in-home caregiver, and what it’s like to service families who are often in distress. Marjorie also had a brother who had acquired significant disabilities at the age of 3, and who died at 19 due to negligent care in a respite facility.

Working as a professional caregiver

00:07 describes her respite business and how she supports families
02:53 describes how she incorporates therapy for her clients
03:51 explains how respite is more than just giving parents a break
04:38 describes her client population and their levels of need
05:56 explores the idea of caregiving as paid work
07:24 describes how she matches families and caregivers
08:51 explains the benefits of having multiple caregivers
09:51 comments on her schedule and number of staff

Observations on family dynamics, parenting and navigating relationships

00:06 describes the types of families she works with
01:00 describes her working relationship with parents
03:04 shares the challenges of navigating couples’ relationships
05:31 discusses how she coaches her staff to manage family interactions
06:43 describes being an experienced caregiver to inexperienced families
08:12 reflects on the differences between being a respite provider and being a parent
12:13 recognizes the emotional and physical toll of chronic caregiving for parents
14:23 offers a perspective on life for parents to consider

Moving forward: disability, death and acceptance

00:08 describes growing up with a brother with disabilities
09:57 shares the circumstances of her brother’s death, which was caused by caregiver negligence
14:45 discusses how her mother and family adjusted to her brother’s disabilities
15:54 shares how the family’s church community supported her family after her brother’s death
18:57 describes how her childhood experiences have shaped her life choices


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    September 11, 2014

    […] About two months ago now, I was interviewed by a friend, who I knew because I used to support her child. During these interviews, I spoke openly and honestly, answered her questions and had realizations about my work. Please, watch them […]

  2. Elaine Cooke
    September 25, 2014

    AMAZING…is the only word I know that can describe the wonderful woman!!! I have the privilege of having Marjorie work previously at Bloorview and in my home with my two children. They both absolutely love her as do we!!!

    You Rock Marjorie!!


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