singledad“Single Dad” has been an anonymous blogger for several years, chronicling the ups and downs of his life with two severely disabled adult children – one who lives at home with him, and the other who lives in a residential facility. SD’s conversations reveal a fierce love and protectiveness of his children, as well as his vulnerability and heartbreak when faced with circumstances beyond his control. Visit Single Dad’s blog for honest, compelling accounts of his experiences.

SD’s Family

00:07 describes his children, both of whom have severe disabilities
02:09 explains why his daughter lives at home with him and his son lives in a residential facility
04:42 describes how placing a child in residential care feels like a parenting failure
08:10 contemplates what his children may or may not understand
09:47 reflects on his religious beliefs
11:09 contemplates the idea of his daughter living in a residential facility
19:30 considers how his kids’ disabilities affect his own family life

Life as a Single Father

00:07 talks about being a single father and dating
05:45 discusses challenges of dating women who have children with disabilities
08:39 talks about challenges of maintaining male friendships
— there is a change in audio quality from this point on —
11:18 talks about being an anonymous blogger with a strong persona
13:42 discusses plans to become a special education advocate
15:51 shares his views on prenatal screening, abortion and anticipating raising a child with disabilities
26:55 answers the question, “Would you do it all again?”

“The Incident”

00:07 describes how he found out his daughter was molested at school
02:12 describes how the school responded
03:31 describes how others noticed something wasn’t quite right
04:29 describes conversations with the school board
06:57 explains why he did not want to retraumatize his daughter with an investigation
09:20 addresses questions of his daughter’s privacy on his blog
10:13 describes discovering that his daughter is aware of what happened to her
13:29 discusses trust and his daughter’s safety


  1. Barbara Marley
    May 26, 2014

    Love your candid conversation! You echo so much of what I have lived through as a single mother of a child with a disability. My life has become dedicated to providing the much needed respite to others who have children with disabilities and making sure that those families have a better idea of how to face what is next for their children, as I lived through hardships they can avoid… Nobody tells us that we will have a special needs life when our child is born with special needs. But this is the real paradigm that we share…

    Many warm wishes!

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  4. Ivy
    June 1, 2014

    Straight from my own heart…..I shared with Facebook
    People should have a glimpse of our lives.


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